Confederate & Southern Agent Marked Shotguns


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Confederate and Southern Agent Marked Shotguns is the first publication dealing specifically with acquisition, alteration and distribution of common civilian shotguns by the Confederate Ordnance Department. The book is fully illustrated with quality color photography, period images of Confederate personnel armed with shotguns and recently discovered government documents. This book is strongly recommended for anyone interested in Confederate ordnance activities and offers incontestable proof of systematic acquisition of shotguns from the civilian population by Confederate Ordnance authorities for issue to Confederate units.

It is hoped that additional information will be forthcoming from the collecting community. It has become evident that the use of shotguns by Confederate units was more widespread than previously believed. Patterns of alterations made to shotguns to adapt them for mounted or infantry have been noted but no official ordnance specifications for this work have been located. A few installations that engaged in this work have been identified but there are obviously other sources that remain to be identified. There is much work to be done to fill out this story.

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Confederate & Southern Agent Marked Shotguns
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