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Tim Prince

Tim Prince has had a lifetime interest in historic military arms, ever since he received a copy of Harold Peterson's The Book of the Continental Solider as a child. Growing up, Tim often fell asleep reading Flayderman's Guide to Historic American Arms and he never outgrew his love of historic weapons. Tim started collecting American Civil War infantry long arms almost three decades ago, with an emphasis on the imported arms used by both the North and the South. The lack of good, comprehensive information in print about these weapons encouraged Tim to do his own research, and form friendships with other collectors and dealers who could share their acquired knowledge with him, and allow him access to their collections for study.

After a two-decade career as a touring audio engineer with a number of national level country music artists, Tim started College Hill Arsenal in 2005. The company strives to offer high quality and investment grade antique military arms for the discerning collector. What started as a part time business more than a decade ago became a full-time vocation rather quickly, with the growth of the website and his commitment to attend the many Civil War, Antique Arms and Militaria Shows around the country quickly monopolizing his time. Over the past few years Tim has been intimately involved with the on-going research, contributions to and writing of The English Connection, a study of the arms and equipment imported by the South from Great Britain during the Civil War. He is also a contributing author to the newly published Confederate and Southern Agent Marked Shotguns. Additionally, Tim has been consulted and helped by contributing research to several other recently published works about Civil War era arms. He has authored and co-authored several articles about Civil War period arms for North South Trader's Civil War and the Journal of the Society of American Bayonet Collectors. Tim contributes a monthly column about Civil War weapons to Civil War News, and since Season 21 has been a featured Arms & Militaria appraiser on the PBS television series Antiques Roadshow.

Tim is a member of the American Society of Arms Collectors, a Life Member of the NRA, a Life Member of the Tennessee Military Collectors Association, a Life Member of the Alabama Military Collectors Association, a member of the Company of Military Historians, and a past board member of the Society of American Bayonet Collectors. He also holds memberships in numerous other local, regional and national collecting organizations. Currently, he lives in Nashville, TN with his wife Angela and daughter Victoria.

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